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The Kalalou Shelves & Shelving Units are what you need if you are looking for maximum utility in minimum space. 

Create the perfect solution for your shelving and organizing needs. Find standing shelves and wall shelves, modular shelves, unique bookshelves, and a variety of  floating shelves to turn your home into an organized, elegant space. Shelves can come in many different type of materials – glass, wood, metal and even recycled metal.

Your home, office can get organized with  wall shelves and ledges that come in a variety of finishes and colors. Browse our glass wall shelf collection for interesting designs like the Floating glass shelves or corner wall shelves. A popular shelving unit is the circular shelf,  high on functionality and rustic beauty the  Kalalou Round Shelf  a sturdy fixture for your room with plenty of space for knick knacks, pictures, or wall shelf like the Kalalou Triple Hanging shelves. 

Most of the Kalalou Shelves & Shelving Units are very simply constructed in an industrial style. Emulating factory work-shops of yore, effort has been to keep the lines clean and uncluttered and highly functional.There are tiered shelves with wire detailing while there are shelves with multipurpose usage. Some shelves even have a rolling facility making it all the more convenient for shifting and using.

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