5 Days of Exciting Contest. Win a Different Prize Every Day

Day 1

Roost Element Votive Candle Holders, Icy Tones

December 9

Roost Element Votive Candle Holders, Icy Tones, Set/5

Richly colored exteriors in a unique mottled matte finish characterize the very festive Element Votive Candle Holders. The antiqued, silver mercury interior creates a dramatic sparkle when lit. Each set includes one of each of the five icy blue-green tones.

Day 2

2 Amazon gift cards of 25 $ each

December 10

Amazon gift cards of 50$

Day 3

Roost Birch Shaped Trays - Star

December 11

Roost Birch Shaped Trays - Star

Our birch shapes trays receive high marks for form and function. Lined inside and out with birch bark, the trays are great for decorating and entertaining. Star tray is offered as set of four.

Day 4

Roost Snowflake Pendant Lamps

December 12

Roost Snowflake Pendant Lamps

The Roost Snowflake Pendant Lamps are a beautiful handmade lighting accessory for your home. Each three dimensional snowflake is made from a very thick white paper, each piece is then die cut and folded with hands to form a lovely snowflake in 3D.

This intricate assortment of snowflake pendant lamps includes a 12 foot cord with standard plug-in cord and a 25 watt bulb. This lamp is for inside use only, it is the perfect holiday decoration and can be a very appropriate gift. It is available in snow white color.

Day 5

Roost Lotus Flower Chandeliers, Smoke

December 13

Roost Lotus Flower Chandeliers, Smoke

Glowing chandeliers are assembled from a multitude of hand-cut capiz shells.