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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I place an order on Modish?

What forms of payment do you accept? Is your payment system secure?

I have placed an order. How do I get a confirmation my order went through?

What communication (or emails) are sent by Modish for placed orders?

After I’ve made the payment, when will my credit card be charged?

I have cancelled my Modish order. When will I get the refund?

Can I call Modish to confirm stock availability & delivery before placing an order?

Does Modish price match with other websites?

We are from a design / home-decor / architecture firm and want to buy in bulk. Do you have any bulk discounts?


What is the estimated shipping time for orders on Modish during the COVID Pandemic?

Shipping during COVID Pandemic- Current Policy

How much does shipping cost? Do you offer free shipping?

How do the orders ship within continental US?

Do you offer expedited shipping? How can I know how much it costs?

How do the LTL/large items ship? Are there any special instructions to be followed?

I have ordered multiple items from Modish. Will they ship separately or together?

Will I be able to track my packages after they've shipped?

Are products insured during shipping by Modish?

International Shipping / Alaska / Hawaii

What countries does Modish ship to?

What are your international shipping rates? Any other factors we should know for international?

How much time does an international shipment take?

Does Modish offer any other options for international shipping?

Cancellations & Returns

What is your order cancellation procedure before the product is shipped?

What is the Modish policy on returns? Is there any specific procedure to follow?

Are there any items that cannot be returned at all?

My order was delivered but it seems damaged or broken. What should I do?

Can I exchange my item for a different item, size or color?

What do I do if I ordered the wrong item or need to cancel my order?

Financing Options

Does Modish offer financing options for customer purchases?

How can I avail the Affirm financing option?

Other questions

The color or appearance of my delivered item looks slightly different than the photograph on your website. Why is it so?

Do you offer repairs?